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  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Sacrocranial therapy
  • TNDR
  • Neurofunctional bandage
  • Structural osteopathy
  • Foot reflexology
  • Kobido
  • Reiki

Eyelash extensions

We place the eyelashes one by one on your natural eyelash, change your look and forget about the mascara.
  • Easy maintenance
  • Natural appearance
  • Different lengths
  • Different thicknesses


Relieve tensions with a decontracting massage session at Dynamic Marbella.
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Manual lymphatic drainage is a mesotherapy technique aimed at improving the removal of retained fluid.


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Osteopathy is a set of manual techniques used to relieve numerous ailments by seeking the recovery of organic balance. Know their applications, benefits and techniques.


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Reflexology is the discipline that promotes the treatment of various conditions through foot massage. The techniques applied cause a reflection in other body regions, allowing the relief of discomfort.


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It helps reduce stress and cleanse emotions and thoughts in order to balance the nervous system. Subtle and deep-effect manual technique to help detect and correct imbalances of the cranio-sacral system, which may be the cause of sensory, motor or neurological disjunctions.


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Technique: set of procedures and resources. Naturist: totally in harmony with the nature of the Human Being. Unlocking: causes the disease to break the blockage and begin to evolve. Regenerating: destroyed and diseased tissues begin a regeneration process.


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The neuromuscular or kinesiotaping bandage consists of cotton tapes with an acrylic adhesive used to treat athlete’s injuries and other physical disorders.


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It is a method of energy transfer to facilitate the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of people. It is done by the laying on of hands to redirect the energy between the chakras and rebalance the organism.


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Kobido massage can be a great option simply for those who want a total relaxing session. Although it is ideal for those who suffer stress and anxiety, it is also ideal for those who want to reward themselves with an hour of tranquility.

This type of massage of Chinese origin is also perfect for those who suffer migraines, by providing rest and relaxation to the mind, as well as for people who have sore eyes (for example, by spending many hours in front of the computer), since It relaxes the facial muscles involved in vision.

Eyelash extensions

We place the eyelashes one by one on your natural eyelash, change your look and forget about the mascara.
The process lasts 90 minutes and is not painful, the eyelashes  stick one by one  very close to the birth of the natural eyelashes. The adhesive does not show up they look like they are yours.
You can go to the pool, do sports and do not fall, there are different sizes you choose the ones you like best. If you do a maintenance every 3 or 4 weeks you can have them indefinitely.


Maintenance is necessary because the life of a natural eyelash is approximately 1 month. The eyelashes are constantly renewed and that is why maintenance is required (a filling) because they gradually fall out.
How long is the eyelash extension?
With a maintenance every 3 or 4 weeks you can have them indefinitely. It is impossible for real hair-to-hair eyelash extensions to last longer than that because the life cycle of a natural eyelash is half a month or 1 month and a half. You lose them little by little, and the filling every 3-4 weeks is essential to always have them b
Will it look natural?
Yes, very natural, eye makeup effect. The eyelash extensions are made of synthetic mink and the union of the extensions with the glue is not noticeable at all.
Can I make up the extensions?
If you can put on mascara but it won’t be necessary. Mascara will only make you lose them faster because you will have to remove make-up and with eyelash extension you will have eye makeup effect.
Are there different types of hair to hair eyelashes?
Yes, there are several lengths and different thicknesses, the professional advises you which is the most appropriate depending on the result you are looking for.
I just want to make them for a specific event, do I have to remove them later?
It will not be necessary because they will fall alone little by little and you will not notice that you have stopped wearing them.
Do discomfort occur during the procedure?
No. You will lie with your eyes closed during the entire procedure. Many people fall asleep during the procedure.
Can I swim, shower, play sports?
Yes, except for the 24 hours following the placement of the extensions.
How long does it take to apply eyelash extensions hair to hair?
About 1 hour and a half. Between 60-80 eyelashes are placed on each eye which is the amount needed for an optimal result.
Can the eyelash extensions be removed?
Yes, but it is not necessary because as they fall little by little if you want to stop wearing them you just let them fall alone.