Pura Vida Studio offers a wide variety of martial arts for students of all levels, ages, gender or ability. Our programs are designed and taught by world class athletes to meet the needs of all our students. Whether you want to compete on the bigger stages or just return to a healthier, more active life. Pura Vida Studio will not only help you, but it will more than meet all your expectations.

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Our philosophy

Pura Vida is our way of life. Beyond the walls of the studio, a balanced lifestyle is promoted, based on the only philosophy that governs our self-defense system.
We exercise respect, discipline and sportsmanship to reach the best versions of ourselves. A version that helps us improve strength not only physical, but also mental and emotional.

Jiu Jitsu Program:

Our curriculum is specifically designed to teach anyone how to defend against a bigger and stronger opponent. We exercise techniques relying on balance and leverage to control any situation on the ground NON-VIOLENTLY.


Private Lessons:
Packages available in the morning and afternoon for all ages and skill levels in Muay Thai, Boxing, Jiu-Jitsu & Self Defense.





Charlye Vivas

· Head BJJ coach Fit-to-Fight academy (Charlotte USA 2010-2013)
· Head BJJ/MMA coach at Monsoon Gym. (Koh Tao, Thailand. 2013)
· Assistant BJJ Coach to Olavo Abreu at Phuket Top Team. (Phuket, Thailand. 2013)
· Head Coach MMA coach at 035GYM. (Bergamo, Italy. 2014)
· Assistant coach at UJG/Checkmat Charlotte. (Charlotte, USA. 2015-2016)
· Head Martial Arts coach at TITAN Academy. (Estepona Spain 2016)

· Black Belt under Jeff Jimmo (Checkmat Charlotte)
· 2014-2015 season top 50 brown belt in the world.
· Hayastan challenge expert champion (Charlotte, USA).
· Brescia Open Champion (Italy)
· Madrid Open silver medalist (Spain)
· NAGA Europe brown belt champion (Paris, France)
· NAGA Europe NoGi expert silver medalist (Paris, France)
· IBJJF European championship competitor
· Lived at the Connection Rio BJJ Hostel and trained at Gordo JiuJitsu in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Sponsored by Connection Rio.

· 5-2 Professional MMA
· 10-5 Semipro
· 3 KOs – 2 submissions
· 3x XFC veteran
· MMA insider KO of the night award winner

Muay Thai:
· 2-2 pro Muay Thai record in Thailand.
· Phuket top team sponsored fighter
· Trained Muay Thai in Thailand 1 year at monsoon gym and Phuket top team.