The spinning is an aerobic exercise focused on the lower train, where the monitor or teacher can by changing the frequency of pedaling and resistance to movement, perform all kinds of intensities. It is a gymnastics very adaptable to the level of the student, being able to be as simple as a quiet or exhausting ride even for a professional cyclist.

Spinning is a practically aerobic sport, moderate and continuous aerobic work is the most recommended for the most important muscle of our body, the heart.

BIKE Schedules

  • Monday

    09’30 – 10’20 / Víctor

  • Tuesday

    10’30-11’20 / Jorge
    17’30-18’20 / Raúl

  • Wednesday

    9’30-10’20 / Víctor

  • Thursday

    10’30-11’20 / Jorge

    17’30-18’20 / Raúl

  • Friday

    9’30-10’20 / Víctor

  • Saturday

    11’00-11’50 / Víctor


25 July, 2019